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Yoga & Surf

Throughout my life, I’ve been around surfers. I don’t surf myself, but I walk and play in the sea whenever I can, considering it my most beloved manifestation of the divine on planet Earth. My favorite beaches have always been those with surf waves: from my hometown in Rio de Janeiro to my cherished places where I lived for 6 years in Santa Catarina at Praia do Rosa, or in California, in San Diego for a few months where I stayed in a condominium purely for surfers. These beaches are usually less crowded due to the difficulty of entering the water for an average swimmer. Additionally, many times, they are natural beaches where only the wonderful sound of waves and nature can be heard, bringing an incredible sense of peace and freedom.

In harmony with this vibe, many of my students, especially close female students, are avid wave catchers.

Yoga can truly enhance the surfing experience as it works to strengthen and stretch the body, preventing injuries and providing therapy for them, especially in the shoulders, knees, and back – parts of the body heavily used in surfing.

Another key point is balance, which is essential for surfers and is practiced regularly in yoga, as you can imagine.

Moreover, what is crucial is that yoga is a practice of focus, requiring concentration and developing mindfulness in breath and its expansion. This greatly aids in everyone’s life for whatever they do, but in this specific case, it can even save lives. When a surfer falls off the board, for example, they need to stay calm, observe the present moment, be able to hold their breath for a long time, and calmly return to the surface.

There are many more connections between surf and yoga, such as the connection with nature and animals and reflections on life regarding the ability to flow in the high and low waves of existence, in harmony.

In 2023, I moved to Tenerife, and here, “by chance,” I also collaborate with a surf school that organizes retreats. Here is the link to get to know them:

So, if you are a surfer anywhere in the world and want to practice with me online or in person here in Tenerife or on a retreat in Brazil, Italy, or anywhere in the world, contact me, and we can organize our practices together. I love the “surf vibe,” and I know I can help you enhance your experience in the water, in this beautiful and yoga-connected way of life that is surfing.

Namaste! Aloha!
Raquel Bhavani

“Yoga is essential for my evolution in surfing. A perfect complement, both physically with stretching and balance, and in the mental and spiritual context with breathwork and deep meditation.” – Graziella Rodriguez

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