Course Heal to Be

with Yoga Alliance certification

PREMA KIRYA YOGA - Mandala 1c (1)
ganesh mudra

If you are already a teacher, you will deepen knowledge and practices (sadhana) that you may not be familiar with, enriching your own teachings.


Course Heal to Be

with Yoga Alliance certification

Theoretical-practical deepening course of 50 hours online on Zoom, with internationally recognized certification by Yoga Alliance, including practical and theoretical handouts and videos that will be permanently available.

  • 50-hour course, in Italian and Portuguese, with a Yoga Alliance diploma.
  • For yoga teachers and long-time practitioners.
  • 10-module journey.
  • Videos available for participants and PDF handouts sent via email.

Heal to Be Course

We can truly be and express Who We Truly Are in Essence only if we heal ourselves.

What does complete healing mean? The only way is to remember Who we are and fully surrender to This.

What I would like you to experience is what I feel, especially with the experiences of kriyas from Kundalini Yoga, pranayama, mantra recitations, devotional songs, and deep silent meditations in superconsciousness. These are the most transformative practices for me; they remove excessive impurities at the physical and mental levels and make us recognize, with total clarity, what we truly are: pure consciousness, infinite souls in a temporary physical body. And that, only that, is, according to what I feel, true healing, the Master healing, the healing of healings.

In the classic treatise on yoga, "The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali," this enlightened sage explains:

Sutra 2.4: avidya kṣetraṃ uttareṣaṃ prasupta-tanu-vichchinnaudārāṇām; which means: ignorance (or not knowing who we are) is the origin of the other deep causes of suffering (kleshas), whether dormant, weakened, interrupted, or fully active (translation by Rev. Jaganath).

And in the treatise on the Song of the Lord, the Bhagavad Gita, chapter 2, verse 40, Krishna's response, the great Master and guide, reaches our hearts: "Swalpamapasya dharmasya, trayate mahato bhayat," which is translated by our Majestic Guru of Kriya Yoga, Babaji, the reincarnation of Krishna himself: "Even a little practice of this dharma (religious rite or righteous action) will save you from the greatest fear (mahato bhayat)" - the colossal sufferings inherent in repeated cycles of birth and death (samsara).

Topics for each weekend:

Svadhyaia: self-reflection, self-study, self-knowledge, and self-recognition.

(Muladhara) Isvara Pranidhana: surrender, flexibility, relaxation. Letting go to reveal oneself.

(Svadhisthana) Tapas: heat, discipline, self-control, transformation, and purification of karma.

(Manipura) Bhakti: Divine Love, faith, opening up with trust, devotion.

(Anahata) Karma: divine vibration, creative expression, celestial communication, humble service, Dharma.

(Visshuddha) Gyan: wisdom, discernment, intuition, command, and inner vision.

(Ajna) Raja: silence, expansion, presence, unlimited Being.

(Sahasrara) Mantra: protection and projection of the soul.

(Aura) Surya and Chandra: balance of opposites within us: healing and revelation of the Self.

(Jyoti) Moksha: liberation and enlightenment.

(Ananda and Prema) Kriya Yoga ceremony.

The course will be completely online, through the Zoom application, with some in-person possibilities.

There will be 11 modules:

10 full weekends... ... plus one for the Kriya ceremony. Each module will be 5.5 hours (one Sunday per month) with theory/philosophy and yogic lifestyle according to Kriya Yoga, along with Kundalini practices, mantra, pranayama, relaxation, and meditation. Each weekend, we will delve into a special topic: studying, practicing, and meditating together on the chosen theme.

It is a journey for all those interested in self-knowledge and spiritual awakening, involving the purification of the material and subtle bodies and the realization of the Self. It is particularly suitable for yoga practitioners, meditation practitioners, and yoga teachers, and also open to enthusiastic newcomers.

A 50-hour certificate recognized by Yoga Alliance is provided.

Sundays: from 7:00 am to 10:00 am - one and a half hours of theory and philosophical study, and one and a half hours of complete Kundalini kriya practice, mantra, and guided and silent meditation.


from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm - one hour of theory and philosophical study, and one and a half hours of meditative practice with Kundalini kriya, mantra, and guided and silent meditation.

Dates: from February 2023 to December 2023, one weekend per month.

Possibility of in-person sessions in Santa Catarina (Garopaba or Praia do Rosa): exact dates and location for the retreat to be determined. This retreat will also be open to non-participants. It is not included in the price and is an additional cost.

Note: The schedule may change slightly, either one hour more or less, due to daylight saving time and the time zone where I reside. I will inform the participants each month.

The contribution is R$3,500.

Payment can be made in full before the start of the course or in installments – however, I kindly request that the full payment be made no later than July 31, 2023. Thank you for your understanding.

This amount includes the 50-hour online course on Zoom, the theoretical and practical handouts for the entire course, and the videos that will be recorded on YouTube (available only to participants). This amount also includes the Yoga Alliance-recognized certificate.

Also, please note that I am and will always be available to help and assist you in whatever you need.

The retreats (one in Santa Catarina and two in Italy and Spain, in Tenerife) are not included in the price, are open to everyone, and are additional possibilities. The retreats will also be open to non-participants in the course. I will provide more information during the course.

Payment can be made through bank transfer or PIX.

Banking information:

Raquel Fischer Barros CPF and PIX: 795 463 747 -68 Banco do Brasil - Agency 3674-9 Account 20836-1