Retreat Isvara Pranidhana: the art of surrendering

Yoga and meditation retreat Prema Kriya Yoga

When: from May 1th to May 4th
of 2024

Where: at Silveira Beach, SC, Brazil. Casa Jamur Surf & Yoga

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Karma Yoga means acting consciously, with love, in a spirit of unconditional service, without the expectation of a return of the fruits of this action. To act in this way is to give oneself completely to the Divine Being and the Divine Guru with devotion and love: each action becomes an offering from heart to heart, completely without selfish interest, but with total openness and without expectations.

This is the path of wisdom and lasting happiness.

With that in mind, within the retreat, the idea is for everyone to help each other voluntarily: from sweeping the room or yoga room, helping in the kitchen, leaving the bathroom clean, taking out the trash, organizing spaces… Or helping in any way the person wants. feel to offer, always with love, with good will and without any pressure: everyone decides for themselves, with their conscience.

What do you think? This is a way to develop karma yoga in life: to serve and love.

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For more information and registrations, please contact Raquel Bhavani:

WhatsApp: +34 658 213 100 PREMA (DIVINE LOVE)

Raquel Bhavani and Thomaz Crocco


Instagram: @prema_kriya_yoga

“You can control a mad elephant;

You can close the mouth of a bear and a tiger; Ride a lion and play with a snake;

Through alchemy, you can learn to sustain yourself; You can wander through the incognito universe;

Make gods your vassals; always be young; You can walk on water and live in fire;

But the control of the mind is better and more difficult.”

Paramahansa Yogananda