Check out some of the Prema Kriya Yoga classes and practices

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Yoga practices, meditation 🧘🏾‍♀️, and mantra chants

Kundalini Yoga practice

for the archer's pose (Portuguese)


energy and calm (Italian and Portuguese)

Kundalini Kriya per i reni

Kriya for the kidneys, 20 min (Italian and Portuguese)

Meditazione nell'amore incondizionato

Prema - Meditation in unconditional love (Italian and Portuguese)

Hatha flow

Prema Kriya Yoga (Portuguese)

Recarga Energética

Prema Kriya Yoga (Portuguese)

Complete Kundalini Yoga

Kriya for the essence of Being (Portuguese)

For pregnant women

Prema Kriya Yoga practice (Portuguese)

To overcome insomnia

short yoga practice (Portuguese)

Hatha yoga posizioni semplici invertite

Simple inverted positions (Italian and Portuguese)

Per la purificazione del se kriya

for the purification of the Self (Italian and Portuguese)

Meditazione per la pace

Meditation for peace: Prema Kriya Yoga (Italian and Portuguese)

Twa Meva

Mantra on Harmonium played and sung
by Raquel Bhavani

Ganesha sharam

Ganesha Sharanam mantra on Harmonium played and sung by Raquel Bhavani

Sri Yogananda

Mantra on Harmonium played and sung
by Raquel Bhavani

Chakra balance

Complete kundalini yoga class 🧘🏾‍♀️ (in Italian)

Esercizi di Ricarica Energetica

Yogananda's energy recharge (in Italian)

Short Kundalini Class

Short kundalini yoga class (in Italian)

Prema Hatha Flow Class

Complete hatha flow class (in Italian)