Radiant Sun, Brilliant Moon Retreat

Prema Kriya Yoga retreat in Tenerife

When: 14 to 21 July 2024

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Come with us on this immersion in the True Essence of the soul.

There will be 7 days of profound meditation practices, yoga, singing, studies and sharing together in the seaside and volcanic atmosphere of the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands).

We will be in a special place designed to be completely connected with Mother Nature: we will practice in front of the sea, in a quiet and secluded place, but also very close to the most beautiful beaches in the south of the island.

This will be a special retreat and emphasizing our ability to open up and feel the Divine Oceanic presence: its protection and blessing; always available.

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There will be practices of purification of the body and mind for deep healing and for the balance between the masculine, the sun (Surya) and the feminine, the moon (Chandra) within us in a spiritual awakening in the intuition of the Self, and revelation in Divine and unconditional Love.

Tenerife is known as the island of eternal spring and we are witnesses of this: we have been here for a year and the temperature really does not change much between one season and another, always remaining very pleasant throughout the year and with almost no rain , especially in the south of the island, where we will be.

In July temperatures vary between 21 and 28 degrees, without rain.

The place where we will spend this magical week is a little remote, but close enough to the sea: with a 20 minute walk we arrive at a small bay, not very busy, almost deserted and it is truly beautiful.

In your free moments you can take a bath in the sea, or stay in the pool and relax or visit the beautiful beaches and the volcanic 🏔️ mountains and the volcano 🌋 Teide.

Book as soon as possible because if you take your flights ✈️ early, there will be excellent prices and there is a special discount for the first subscribers.

We await you with immense joy 🤩.
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With love 💝
Namaste 🙏🏿
Raquel Bhavani