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Transformations on the Spiritual Path

Namaste, friends!

Today, I would like to share with you some reflections on the spiritual journey, issues that I notice may not be very clear to many of us, sincere seekers.

It is crucial to understand some teachings of the spiritual path, especially for those who are traversing it more consciously, and to grasp that these teachings go far beyond our intellect and thinking mind. We need to “fish” these teachings at an intuitive level—after all, they are intrinsic to the depths of our Being.

For example, does “being zen” mean not feeling and/or showing emotions? Or does it mean being true and authentic in relation to them?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the second option, we are in harmony. According to my own perception and after almost 20 years of practice, meditation, studies, and over 15 years of teaching different bodies and minds, I humbly understand that the practice of yoga and meditation does not negate our feelings and emotions. On the contrary, at times, they make us feel even more and awaken greater sensitivities to everything that happens within us and around us.

Spirituality does not leave us indifferent or cold, much less insensitive. Quite the opposite, we are more present and attentive, more alive and awake, and therefore, we feel even more.

At the same time, what I realize is that, with these practices, we also become more detached and less identified; we become more observers and less entangled in emotions and situations.

As we detach ourselves from such attitudes, thoughts, and emotions, we become more emotionally mature and more capable of accepting them, and thus, when the time comes, we can also purify them (this doesn’t always happen in “our” time but in Divine time…).

In the moment we surrender, embrace ourselves, and practice compassion (including with ourselves), a release occurs almost spontaneously.

All of this is very subtle and much easier to talk and write about than to actually put into practice… Even for someone who practices and meditates for years, they may sometimes be frustrated with themselves, feeling incapable of change and believing that all their effort to improve was in vain…

The good news is that if we are able to love ourselves as we are, with our “flaws” and “qualities,” practicing and meditating without expectations, truly and genuinely dedicating all the fruits of actions to the Divine Being, the Guru, to God (or however you prefer to refer to this inner Being), I have deep confidence and faith that transformation and illumination will come.

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